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Kaftan 9

Handmade Smudging Feather Stick Wand (wand185)

Handmade Smudging Feather Stick Wand (wand185)

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Our Spiritual Crystal/Gemstone Healing Wands come in all shapes and sizes and are used for healing, mystical, and spiritual purposes. Today, they are not only used for magic rituals and spiritual practices such as meditation, chakra healing and balancing as well as reiki but also used for decorative purposes as part of your crystal collection. 

As part of our Crystal/Gemstone Spiritual Wand Collection, this is an eye-catching, creative, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful spiritual and mystical wand delicately handmade with Ocean Jasper & Green Aventurine out of pure intention, dedication, and love. 

There is limitless positive energy in this world and what we focus on we tend to bring into our lives. Tap into higher energy and choose your own divine spiritual journey. For more information about crystal healing and the uses of crystal healing wands, please click here.

Colour: Green, Blue and Multi-Coloured

Length: The wand is approx 42.5 cm long


OCEAN JASPER: Healing Properties and Spiritual Purposes

Ocean Jasper are excellent healing stones that encourage a feeling of joy and elevated spirits! This is an excellent stone to help you if you need a lift. As they help you to release negative feelings, you feel more optimistic.

Spiritually, ocean jasper aids with communication and is known to provide a new light and perspective by helping you channel and deal with past events. It also helps you to enhance your understanding of yourself as well as the power within you.

Often associated with the heart and solar plexus chakras, Ocean Jasper also aids you to have greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

AVENTURINE: Spiritual Purposes, Meanings, and Properties

Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. Use Green Aventurine to loosen and release energy blockages.

It is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance, and success. Green Aventurine has soothing energy behind it and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues.

Used in meditation for its calming qualities, it helps calm replacing unwanted feelings with confidence in ourselves and the sure knowledge that we are capable of creating a happier future.

Green Aventurine is largely associated with the Heart Chakra as it is a comforter and heart healer. Spiritually, it strengthens relationships, promotes mental clarity, and helps to maintain optimism. 


Disclaimer: Please note that our spiritual and healing crystals and gemstones are empowered and used effectively only by the user's personal intentions. The responsibility for empowering the energy enhancing capabilities of the crystals and/or gemstones lies solely with the user. Please note that the energy capabilities, spiritual healings, and crystal/gemstone meanings are only to be used as an enhancing spiritual tool and support, not as medical or health solutions, prescriptions, diagnosis, or healthcare information. For all medical and health issues, please see a professional medical practitioner. Colours may be a little different due to monitor settings and lighting, please remember this when making the purchase. Please read the whole listing. Please note that there may be imperfections as this wand is handmade by Kaftan 9 and not mass-produced. Please see the photos as you will receive the same item as pictured. For resellers, we are happy for you to purchase our handmade items and resell them, however, please give credit to Kaftan 9 as all our handmade items take 8-14 days to produce. By you committing to "buy now" you are confirming that you have read the whole listing and you understand your purchase. 

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