Mookaite Mother Earth Bangle 925 Sterling Silver Plated (B41)

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Mookaite Mother Earth Bangle 925 Sterling Silver Plated (B41)

Embrace this beautiful bracelet & allow the gemstones/crystals to heal your soul.

Welcome style and spirituality with this lovely, charming, and unique Dendritic Opal gemstone bracelet making the perfect jewellery addition to your outfit for all occasions.

Stone Size: 4.1 cm X 3.1 cm

Mookaite: Spiritual Meanings and Purposes

Crystals and gemstones, like our bodies, have energetic vibrations. This enables us to be naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals and gemstones as vibrations between the two can align. This is why many people across the world wear gemstone and crystal jewellery pieces. It has a powerfully spiritual and vibratory effect when placed directly on the body. Spiritually, this energy is said to amplify from the crystal/gemstone to you, which facilitates the free flow of energy throughout the body.

Mookaite is an Australian Jasper of bold, earthy beauty with a fiery fusion of red and yellow energies. It carries an invigorating frequency of strength and vitality and increases Life Force within the physical body.

Mookaite is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. It brings peace and a feeling of wholeness. Mookaite helps us with decision making, especially when we are having a difficult time. It encourages versatility and helps us to accept change.



Mookaite- Cleanses and activates the root, sacral & solar plexus chakra


Mookaite-Scorpio, Virgo, and Aries (benefit from a variety of jaspers) & Cancer and Capricorn (brings them compassion and patience)

Birthstone Month: 

Mookaite- June, July, September, October & November

Please note that you do not need to match the birthstone month and star sign to be spiritually drawn to and wear the stone. 

Disclaimer: Please note that our spiritual and healing crystals and gemstones are empowered and used effectively only by the user's personal intentions. The responsibility for empowering the energy enhancing capabilities of the crystals and/or gemstones lies solely with the user. Please note that the energy capabilities, spiritual healings, and crystal/gemstone meanings are only to be used as an enhancing spiritual tool and support, not as medical or health solutions, prescriptions, diagnosis, or healthcare information. For all medical and health issues, please see a professional medical practitioner.