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Kaftan 9

Selenite Third Eye Chakra Sphere 1058 gms (GEM250)

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Crystals and gemstones, like ourselves, have energetic vibrations. We, as spiritual beings, are naturally receptive to the vibrations of these crystals and gemstones. Spiritually, this energy is said to amplify from the crystal to you as well as the physical environment around you, which facilitates a free flow of energy.

At Kaftan 9, our gemstones and crystals can be used for spiritual, mystical, and decorative purposes. Embrace this beautiful and stunning Selenite crystal into your home decor. Place this crystal on your shelf, bookcase, coffee table, desk, or inside your study, living room, or bedroom to add some colour to any surface. The spiritual properties in our crystals and gemstones help to balance one's spirit.


SELENITE: Spiritual Meaning and Benefits

Selenite connects to the third eye, crown, and upper transpersonal chakras. Selenite helps to energetically purify one's aura.

This crystal opens, activates, and clears these chakras to allow for one’s consciousness to connect with one’s soul, or higher self, and higher levels of consciousness for an enlightened view of one’s life experiences.

The high vibrational energy clears any blocks in one’s energy fields and chakras, helping to bring pure light into one’s being.


Associated Chakras

  • Third Eye
  • Crown
  • Casual Vortex
  • Soul Star
  • Stellar Gateway


    Spiritual Benefits

    • Cleanses One's Aura and Chakras
    • Energetic Purification
    • Soothing & Peaceful Energy
    • Meditation
    • Connection To One's Inner Self & Higher Self
    • Encourages Clarity 
    • Clearing Energy Blockages
    • Connection To Higher Angelic Realms 
    • High Vibrational Crystal That Strengthens Spiritual Growth


      Disclaimer: Please note that our spiritual and healing crystals and gemstones are empowered and used effectively only by the user's personal intentions. The responsibility for empowering the energy enhancing capabilities of the crystals and/or gemstones lies solely with the user. Please note that the energy capabilities, spiritual healings, and crystal/gemstone meanings are only to be used as an enhancing spiritual tool and support, not as medical or health solutions, prescriptions, diagnosis, or healthcare information. For all medical and health issues, please see a professional medical practitioner. All our crystals and gemstones are naturally formed and are sold raw and/or polished depending on the stone. Within our crystal and gemstone collection, we may have some crystals that have sections that look like cracks. This is the natural formation of the crystal. Please note it is not damaged.