The Gold Lotus Oracle Deck

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The Gold Lotus Oracle Deck is a combination of beautifully painted images and spiritual insight. 47 cards vibrant and rich in colour designed with gold foil edges and featuring Michelle Mann’s original intuitive artworks. This deck includes a booklet/guidebook providing the story for each card & meanings – for insight, guidance & reflective relaxation.

The Gold Lotus Book has extended information-numerology, chakras, crystals, yoga poses that vibrate to each card. The Gold Lotus is great for beginners as it can be used as a practice to develop the intuition and connection with self and also lends itself to yoga teachers and healers in practice, general and advanced healings and readings. In a yoga practice, a series of cards can be selected from the deck to include in the practice for that day. If used regularly can help to develop personal and spiritual growth.

About the author:
In the past 6 months, Michelle has attended many local events and promotional opportunities, some include various radio interviews, newspaper coverage, and book signings at book shops and stores that carry my products, local library talks, festivals and expos. She just recently won 2 bronze awards in COVR (a coalition of visionary resources) in Colorado, USA for best divination book and best divination product. Michelle has a website, online presence, social media and a learning platform that includes how to read oracle and Tarot cards, meditation, set goals and art workshops online.

‘My spiritual history started when I was in my twenties with the death of my husband when I was 24. I started on a path that led me to discover my gifts. In my thirties I started teaching Tarot classes that would run for 6 weeks and an advanced class for another 2 weeks, also meditation and spiritual development classes. I started reading professionally in my late twenties and continue today reading and healing from home. At this time I also started practicing yoga and continue today with the understanding of the benefits it brings to the body, mind and soul.’


Disclaimer: These cards are for spiritual & entertainment purposes only. Please note that tarot, oracle, angel, and reading cards can be used effectively only by the user's personal intentions and the responsibility for empowering the energy enhancing capabilities lies solely with the user. However, tarot, oracle, angel and reading cards are subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute.