Creating Your Own Unique Space or Altar for your Crystals and Gemstones

Creating Your Own Unique Space or Altar for your Crystals and Gemstones

When creating your own space to for your crystals and gemstones, it is important to use your time, intuition, and creativity. Sometimes, there are spaces for instance, in your bedroom, bed side table, in the lounge room, on a shelf, on a table etc that could present an opportunity to make it your own.

When you designate a place, ensure it is easily accessible to you and represents calmness for you. If your space is large enough, you could also use it for where you meditate or journal.

Once you find the space you want to utilise, you can decide to cleanse the space if you choose to in order to energetically charge and clear the area. You can do this via smudging, visualisation, or other methods spiritual rituals and practices. 

You can decorate this space however you like based on your own intentions and preferences. For example, you may also choose to place your tarot/oracle card collection here, lay your gemstone jewellery, add flowers, plants, candles, a beautiful cloth and/or more.

An important element to keep in mind is your purpose and intention of creating such as space. For instance, you may choose to create one for manifestation, meditation, decoration, or spiritual purposes. Additionally, you may also choose to have certain crystals and gemstones in your specific spaces that hold certain properties or spiritual meanings/significance.  

Remember - cleanse your altar regularly. It is important for clear energies in sacred spaces as it can tend to feel heavy. Cleaning allows a space to feel energetically light and open. 

I have created one outside on my veranda for the purposes of manifestation and energetic cleansing. I choose this space as I walk past it every day, my veranda is large and spacious, and my family and I spend most of our day on it. With so much happening in the day, it really nice to have a space dedicated towards this purpose specifically. However, I also have crystals within other rooms and areas of my home for both spiritual and decorative purposes.  

Take a picture of where you place your crystals and gemstones within your home?

Do you have Crystal Altar, dedicated space for your gemstones, or do you prefer to place them in all different areas of your house?

Let me know in the comments below!

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