FAQs About Tarot & Oracle Cards

What are Tarot/Oracle Cards?

Tarot and Oracle Cards are a type of divination tool and are used to help provide guidance in seeking answers about the past, present, future, or beyond. It is commonly misconceived that Tarot or Oracle cards only reveal bad news or omens, leading to hesitation or even fear of Tarot or Oracle Cards. However, please remember that you are only using a tool, essentially an extension of oneself to connect with your inner spark or light which connects you to the universe and all of its creatures.

Tarot and Oracle Cards, or any other forms of divination, are meant to help provide you guidance, to assist in finding greater self-knowledge, and offer clarity and wisdom for yourself, friends or clients. By continuing to use your deck regularly, it may help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities.

How do I clear or cleanse my Tarot or Oracle Deck?

Your deck first must be cleared or cleansed before every use and after someone else has touched your cards. There are many ways to clear or cleanse your deck. Based on your intuition, choose your preferred method of cleansing from the list below or from the guidebook associated with your deck.

  • Place your deck face-down in your non-dominant hand (Your non-dominant hand being the hand which receives energy). Curl your dominant hand (Your dominant hand sends energy) in a fist and gently tap or knock the top of the deck only once. This clears and "knocks out" the old energy from your deck.
  • Spread your deck over a table and smudge them thoroughly with a Smudge Stick. The practice of using the smoke from a Smudge Stick to clear any old or negative energy from your deck is an excellent choice for some people. Please research about Smudge Sticks and their proper use before attempting.
  • Place a small Onxy stone or Moss Agate stone inside the cloth bag or box containing your deck while not in use to disperse any lingering energies.
  • Spread your deck in a safe place under the light of the Full Moon to cleanse your deck and imbue your deck with the magical energies the Full Moon and Nature provides.

How do I use a Tarot or Oracle Deck?

Once your deck has been cleared or smudged, it is important to know that some decks consist of Major & Minor Arcana. That is, Major Arcana described major events, turning points or life stages in our lives (e.g. career changes, pregnancy, marriage, relationships, or personal challenges, etc), while Minor Arcana concerns itself with day-to-day events in your life. Depending on your preference, you may use your Major Arcana cards separate from your Minor Arcana cards. 


The most basic spread for your deck is the three-card-spread. The first card represents the Past regarding your question or situation, the second card represents your Present, and the third card represents your Future should you continue in the direction of your present. 

Based on your intentions, lay your deck face-down on a table and think of a question or situation you wish to have insight into. With the question or situation in your mind, pick three cards and lay each card next to each other face-down in order. Once you have picked three cards, turn each card over, facing up. Using both the deck’s associated guidebook and your intuition, you are to interpret each card with regards to your question or situation. 

Do I need to be Psychic to use Tarot/Oracle Cards?

The simple answer is no. Tarot and Oracle cards are merely a tool for you to use to expand your intuition and your untapped Psychic abilities. Whilst Psychics and Mediums do use these tools in readings, it is used to focus their abilities to provide the best reading possible.