Crystal Tips & Uses

Crystal Tips & Uses

Crystals and gemstones are spiritually enhancing tools that have energetic vibrations which facilitates a free flow of energy and promotes positivity for ones body, mind, and spirit.

For those first starting their crystal journey, here are some tips on the purposes and uses of crystals and gems. What do you use crystals for? ✨🔮

1. Divination

2. Magick Rituals

3. Energy Alignment and Crystal Healing

4. Spiritual Healing

5. Reiki

6. Meditation

7. Chakra Balancing and Alignment

8. Homeware and Decor Piece


There is no strict guideline or rules when using crystals and gemstones. This is because all people are their own individual with their own specific needs, uses, and beliefs. As a result, we created this list to inform our Kaftan 9 community on the diverse uses and purposes of crystals.


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