Crystals 101

Crystals 101

Are you new to crystals, its purposes, and uses?
Here is your quick guide to understanding crystals and gemstones!

Crystals and gemstones have been used by ancient civilisations such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Romans, and Egyptians for thousands of years incorporated into different cultural, religious, and spiritual elements of their society with the belief of its powerful ability to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. 

Crystals and gemstones, like our bodies, have energetic vibrations. This enables us to be naturally receptive to the vibrations of the crystals and gemstones as vibrations between the two can align. This is why many people across the world use crystals and gemstones for magic rituals as well as for spiritual, mystical, holistic, and style purposes such as through meditation, reiki, and decor pieces.

It has a powerfully spiritual and vibratory effect when placed directly on the body or in a physical space such as a home or an office space. Spiritually, this energy is said to amplify from the crystal to you as well as the physical environment around you, which facilitates the free flow of energy throughout the body.

At Kaftan 9, our gemstones and crystals can be used for spiritual, healing, mystical, and decorative purposes. 


Can I buy or use crystals and gemstones for non-spiritual purposes?

Yes, of course! Whether you are a beginner to buying or collecting crystals, simply like the aesthetic of gemstones, or would like to use them for non-spiritual purposes, you can embrace our beautiful and stunning collection into your home décor.

Place a crystal or gemstone on your shelf, bookcase, coffee table, desk or inside your study, living room, or bedroom to add some colour and a luxurious accent to any surface. 


Can and how do I utilise crystals and gemstones for spiritual purposes during everyday life?

The spiritual healing properties in our crystals and gemstones help to balance the body, mind, and spirit. 

If you are interested in using crystals for spiritual purposes but not sure where to start- below are a few examples on what you can do:

1. Use them during your own meditation or reiki practice

2. Keep them in your handbag, wallet, purse, or bag so you carry good energy everywhere you go!

3. Decorate your own person space with them for instance, in your bedroom or on your desk

4. Place a grounding and cleansing crystal on top of your tarot/oracle deck or around other crystals to cleanse it

5. Hold the crystals or gemstones in your hand when you need guidance or support

6. Place one in your clothing for instance, in your pockets or bra


Let us know in the comments below how you use crystals and gemstones in your daily life?




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