How and When to Cleanse Your Crystals and Tarot/Oracle Decks

How and When to Cleanse Your Crystals and Tarot/Oracle Decks

When it comes to crystals and divination tools such as tarot and oracle card decks, it is important to understand that there is not one correct way to cleanse such items. It depends on the individual and it does not need to be expensive.


When should you cleanse your crystals and tarot deck?

  1. When you first purchase them
  2. When someone else uses it
  3. If the spiritual connection feels off or if you going through a tough time
  4. If you have traveled with it


Easy and quick tips on how to cleanse your crystals and tarot/oracle deck?

  1. For tarot and oracle decks, place a Selenite or Black Tourmaline crystal on the deck when not in use
  2. Knock on or shuffle your cards: it is said that knocking on your deck three times or shuffling your cards before a reading gets rid of old energy
  3. Leave your crystals on the windowsill or underground over a full moon
  4. Use smudge sticks to cleanse around crystals and gemstones
  5. Charge crystals with other crystals e.g. Selenite and Clear Quartz: it is very common to utilise cleansing crystals to clear or cleanse the energy of other crystals
  6. Visualisation: close your eyes during meditation and visualise a white light surrounding your deck or crystal pulling old energy out of it


Did you find any of our tips above useful? How do you cleanse your own crystals or tarot/oracle decks? Let us know in the comments below!

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