How to Manifest and Set Goals Towards Exactly What You Want

How to Manifest and Set Goals Towards Exactly What You Want

The concept of Manifesting has been around for a long time however, it has also been a widely misunderstood concept. For those interested in learning about manifesting or practicing spirituality and self-care, here is your quick guide on Manifestation, how to practice it, and how it looks in your everyday life.

To start off with, what is Manifesting? Manifesting is the process of bringing something into existence through your thoughts, feelings, worldviews, outlooks, and beliefs. It is achieved by not only being open minded, gaining perspective, but creating a framework on how you view how, where, what, and when you will achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams.

In simple terms, how you perceive your world, will reflect your attitude, dedication, and commitment to achieve certain goals and dreams. Yes, there are always external circumstances that we cannot control but in reality, how we approach, perceive, and react to these things, is just as important. Creating and believing in a vision and having all intentions to make that vision is a reality. 

Manifesting is a self care and self help exercise that helps focusing your thoughts in practices such as mindfulness, visualization, and meditation. The trick and key - belief and consistency.


Here are some adaptable and easily accessible ways to manifest in your daily life:

1. Understand what Manifestation is and gain clarity into what your goals actually are

2. Journal your goals, aspirations, and ideas down regularly as this can lead you into understanding your own personal visions and different strategies of goal setting by creating a timeline that is realistic for you

3. The deliberate thought process of positive affirmations and implementing them within your daily life e.g, saying in front of the mirror three times in the morning and night:

“I am enough”, "I will achieve this goal", or “I will get this job”

This can help you create an internal monologue that is more automatic to hear and feel positive and motivated and therefore impact how much effort you put into something. Remember that manifestation is a self care exercise - not a solution. Most importantly, practice gratitude. Be thankful for what you already have and for the achievements that are on their way.

4. Using spiritual practices such as Meditation to tune into your energy, rid yourself of any energy blockages, and verbalise out loud what your intentions and goals are as well as where you want to focus your energy on. Sometimes verbally stating what you want in life out loud can be just as beneficial as writing or journaling. You may even end up saying something you never thought about pursuing. This is also where the practice of Visualisation and using Crystals can come into play when Meditating.

5. Visualisation is a powerful meditation and spiritual healing technique. You can visualise a bright white light around your body whilst breathing in fresh air verbalising or internalising mentally your goals to yourself is helpful. Additionally, you can also build a vision board! In this vision board, you could ask step by step plans on how you will achieve each task.

5. Practice patience and open mindedness: Understand that good things take time. Be patient and trust the process. If you shift your mindset, you will change the game. In practice, the view point to have is that no matter how good or bad a situation can be, prioritising growth and learning rather than the outcomes or results is key.

6. Practice Kindness: It is always true that as humans, we are more likely to establish and create friendships, career opportunities, and relationships when we practice kindness and generosity. Why? As humans, we are drawn to wherever we feel comfortable, safe and positive energy.


Remember, the key to successful manifestation is believing in yourself and taking consistent action towards your goals. Good luck!


What method of manifesting or goal setting works best for you?

Let us know in the comments below!



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