Red Japser - The Confidence Stone

Red Japser - The Confidence Stone

Looking for a crystal for confidence and charisma? Red Jasper is your calling your name!

With all life throws at you (and trust us, we have already been thrown life's toughest curveballs yet), its not a good use of your time being scared and contemplating "should I?" or "what if?". It takes bravery and vulnerability to admit you're scared & afraid but you chance a look at an opportunity that may lead your life down another path. Whether its applying or starting a new job, beginning a new business, moving to a new place or perhaps entertaining the idea of starting a new relationship, we all need a little bit of confidence to be able to take that next step.

That's where Red Jasper can give you the nudge you need to stop denying yourself the opportunity and to take a dive into the unknown.
Red Jasper comes in reds and terracotta red-brown, sometimes mixed in with other minerals.

It is a stone associated with the art of theatre, giving both actresses and actors that extra flair of confidence and charisma to really convince an audience of the story being told. Have a Red Jasper in your pocket, as a pendant, or simply beside you during your next work meeting (Zoom or not!) to give you that extra bit of nerve to pitch in your great ideas for your next workplace project or suggestions. Be sure to take ownership of your ideas when you present them, don't let the power of Red Jasper go to waste!

To assist with your confidence, Red Jasper has the added benefit of assisting with psychic protection to prevent psychic attacks. You don't need the added negative energy of others that may want your opportunity for themselves or take pleasure in seeing others not succeed to their fullest potential.

Its time to step out of the shadows and to take a leap of faith in life. Don't waste your chance or your time with the little things. The worst thing you can do is to stop trying. Go out into the world and take a chance with your Jasper crystal by your side.

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