Self Care at Wattamolla Beach

Self Care at Wattamolla Beach

It is important to make the conscious effort to make time for yourself, strive to be spiritually grounded, and improve your energy in order to help guide you along your path in life. Even if it is just for a moment to think.

I know our lives can be full of busy schedules and chaos with family and work. If I am completely honest with you, it wasn't until the last couple of months that I finally put my foot down to do so consistently.

The other day, I took a nice walk at Wattamolla beach walking barefoot among the sand and water taking in some deep breathes in the early morning when no one was there. As cliché as it sounds, the only words to describe that moment surrounded by beautiful nature was true peace and serenity. I have to say that the view was just as special as the experience.

What is your favourite self-care activity? ✨

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