Styling Tip - Kimono Edition

Styling Tip - Kimono Edition

Embrace your own divine and unique style with Kaftan 9! For some quick and easy styling and fashion tips, read our blog post below. How do you like to style kimonos?

Tip 1: Where to wear it?

Perfect for formal and casual occasions such as lunch with friends, visiting a local market, festival, going to the beach & more!

Tip 2: How to accessorise?

Whether you are looking for a simplistic, vibrant, or bold look, accessorise with jewellery or add a stylish belt to illuminate your look. For diverse jewellery that can be worn across all occasions, look for gemstone jewellery or bohemian looking pieces e.g., beaded bracelets. For outdoor areas, you can also choose to wear a stylish sun hat or Panama hat to complement your kimono. Depending on where you are going, you may want to style this with flip flops, sandals, white or neutral-coloured sneakers, or boots e.g. over the knee boots alongside a straw or brown/neutral coloured handbag. Always be mindful of the colour scheme you choose.

Tip 3: How to style long and short length kimonos?

For long and short kimonos, combine this with:

  1. Skinny jeans for a leaner look
  2. Wide leg crop jeans for a comfortable, casual and stylish vibe
  3. Wear a one coloured tee, crop-top, singlet, or strapless top underneath the kimono for the pattern of the kimono to stand out.
  4. Shorts or jean shorts for a quick and easy style in order to keep it comfy
  5. Dresses: to add a light covering for the perfect night out or wear a long kimono over your maxi dress for a flowing or fitted look
  6. Depending on your accessories, try adding leather pants for some edge
  7. You can use Kimonos as a statement piece e.g. if you are wearing black or neutral one coloured pants and tops, the kimono will add a pop of colour. Regardless of the length of the kimono, if your kimono has a vibrant or detailed print, keep the rest of the outfit in terms of style and colours minimal

You can also choose to style a kimono with your bikini or one-piece swimsuit for a gorgeous beach look.

No matter what style you prefer- vibrant, colourful, edgy, or casual, never forget to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Do not be afraid to mix and match. Self confidence involves how beautiful you feel and how you embrace your own personality and style. Embrace your own divine and unique style with Kaftan 9.

Share a picture below of how you styled your kimono alongside your outfit!

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