Styling Tips - Kaftan Edition

Styling Tips - Kaftan Edition

Embrace your own divine and unique style with Kaftan 9! For some quick and easy styling and fashion tips, read our blog post below. How do you style your Kaftan look?


Tip 1: Where to wear it?

Perfect for formal and casual occasions such as lunch with friends, visiting a local market, festival, going to the beach & more! For casual wear, pair with some nice shoes like sandals or thongs. For formal wear, you might want to pair with some nice wedges.

Tip 2: How to accessorise?

Whether you are looking for a simplistic, vibrant, or bold look, accessorise with jewellery or add a stylish belt to illuminate your look

Tip 3: How to style with short/top length kaftans?

For Kaftan tops, you may want to pair with plain or simple monochromatic pants or shorts to illuminate the patterns & colours of your Kaftan.

Tip 4: How to accessorise?

Wear a stylish sun hat or a panama hat alongside your Kaftan!


No matter what style you prefer- vibrant, colourful, edgy, or casual, never forget to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Self confidence in how beautiful you feel about your style and yourself is key. Embrace your own divine and unique style with Kaftan 9! 

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