The Spiritual Purposes And Properties Of Fluorite 🔮

The Spiritual Purposes And Properties Of Fluorite 🔮

Fluorite is a highly protective stone, useful for grounding, increases intuitive abilities, neutralising negative energy, and is an excellent learning aid.

Spiritually, Fluorite encourages positivity and self-confidence, provides spiritual protection, balances energies around you and your physical environment, and promotes a wiser and more balanced view of life.


Associated Chakras

  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
  • Crown


    Spiritual Benefits

    • Cleanses & Stabilises The Aura
    • Encourages Positivity
    • Balances Energy Around You & Your Environment
    • Concentration
    • Spiritual Protection
    • Intellect & Learning
    • Making Decisions
    • Wiser & Balanced View Of Life
    • Enhance Mental Clarity
    • Increases Self-Confidence
    • Spiritual Growth


    Spiritual Connection

    • Insight
    • Meditation - Spiritual
    • Purification
    • Grounding


    Do you have Fluorite yourself? What is your favourite crystal?


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