The World of Tourmaline & the top 5 ways to implement this crystal in your daily lifeūüĒģ

The World of Tourmaline & the top 5 ways to implement this crystal in your daily lifeūüĒģ

Crystals and gemstones, like our bodies, have energetic vibrations. This enables us to be naturally receptive to the vibrations of the crystals and gemstones as vibrations between the two can align. This is why many people across the world use crystals and gemstones for magic rituals as well as for spiritual, mystical, holistic, and style purposes. It has a powerfully spiritual and vibratory effect when placed directly on the body. Spiritually, this energy is said to amplify from the crystal to you as well as the physical environment around you, which facilitates the free flow of energy throughout the body.

Within the world of crystals, Tourmaline is known for its grounding abilities as well as its natural beauty. The stone itself can appear in a diverse variety of colours. These can include, but is not limited to, Green, Black, Blue, Pink as well as Brown and Orange. Spiritually, it is a powerful stone connected to the root chakra also known for energetic protection, clearing negative energies, preventing psychic and spiritual attacks as well as promoting balance.

This blog article¬†discusses¬†Black and Pink Tourmaline¬†specifically focusing on its meaning and spiritual significance, as well as top 5 ways to implement this crystal and gemstone into¬†your daily life¬†ūüĒģ


What is the spiritual meaning of Black and Pink Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone that will cleanse, purify, and transform energy of an individual, home, or space. It is an ideal stone for psychic and spiritual protection against negative energies. 

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, and kindness towards oneself that also assists to calm during times of challenges. Emanating a highly spiritual and feminine energy, this crystal encourages positive thinking to rise above all life’s challenges and guides divine love into one’s life.


Spiritual Benefits of Tourmaline

  • Brings Energetic Balance
  • Clearing The Aura
  • Brings A Feeling Of Security¬†
  • Cleanses & Unblocks Energy Blockages In Home Or Body
  • Feel Calm, Collected, & Steady In Times Of Chaos
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Ideal for Meditation
  • Promotes Divine Energy


Top 5 ways to use tourmaline on a daily basis:

1. Cleanse your Tarot and Oracle Cards: Tourmaline, particularly Black Tourmaline, can be used to charge divination tools such as Tarot and Oracle Cards. It is as simple as placing the stone on top of the deck overnight or when you are not using them

2. Wear it as Jewellery: Wear a Pink or Black Tourmaline jewellery piece to carry loving, protective, grounding, and kind energy on the go. Wearing a Tourmaline ring, pendant, bracelet, bangle, or earring will not only add as a perfect stylish addition to your outfit but also spiritually protect you from different energies throughout the day. It does not necessary have to be negative energy. As humans, absorbing energies from many interactions of the day, can make one feel physically and mentally exhausted particularly for Empaths. 

3. Carry It: Keep a Tourmaline stone in your handbag, wallet, purse, or bag so you carry good energy everywhere you go! You can also place one in your clothing for instance, in your pockets or bra to keep it near to you.

4. Enhance your Affirmations and Meditation Practice: Tourmaline can provide guidance, cleansing energies, and increase mindfulness. Simply hold the gemstone in your hand when you need guidance or support e.g. when manifesting, verbally or writing affirmations, or during meditation to amplify your intentions

5. Cleanse a Space or Room: Place a Black Tourmaline crystal in a space or room you would like to either promote a peaceful environment OR spiritually cleanse and renew energy e.g. in your living room or your own bedroom


Do you own a Tourmaline stone yourself?

Let us know in the comments below how you use crystals and gemstones in your daily life?   

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