Top tips for dressing confidently and embracing who you are

Top tips for dressing confidently and embracing who you are

Whilst everyone attempts to find their own style and embrace this confidently, the truth is sometimes it is hard to feel confident. And this is common. In a world where the societal expectations or self doubt can be overwhelming, it is important to find strategies that work for you. Real confidence in not with what you wear but with how you feel wearing it. In short, fashion is the clothing and style is how you wear and embrace it. Here are a few tips to consider that will work with your style and your strengths:


1. Be confident with your body and consider your shape of your body

Considering and knowing your body shape is important when it comes to dressing confidently. By understanding your body shape, you can find clothing that best suits your shape combined with what you comfortable with. For instance, wearing nice fitted jeans or shirt to emphasis your body shape or wearing a flowy dress for a more relaxed look if you don't feel comfortable with fitted clothing.

You can also decide to emphasis one part of your body. For example, if you favourite part of your body is hips, wear fitted jeans to emphasis this shape.

Despite recognising this, it is most important to be confident with owning what your body looks like now. When you dress, dress for yourself and not for others. This means knowing yourself and being proud of yourself. Hold your head high, don’t slouch, and own your look. When you truly achieve this, dressing confidently will be much easier.


2. Colour Schemes and Fabrics

Knowing yourself also means that knowing what colours look best with your hair colour and skin tone. This does not mean that you need to avoid certain or specific colours all of your life. What is important is to understand specific shades of a colour and how and where we incorporate this within our outfit. Ensuring that you find the shades and colours that not only suit you but allow you to feel comfortable and confident is key.

3. Plan Ahead and Consider The Occasion Type & Weather

There is no worst feeling then not having the right outfit and having limited time to get ready. To avoid feeling rushed, try and organise your outfit prior to the day. This will allow you consider the weather and what you will be doing that day.


4. Comfort Level

Nothing is worse than wearing something that makes you uncomfortable and having to check/fix your outfit every 5 minutes for example, if you are wearing an item of clothing that shows more skin than you are used to or wearing an item that is shorter than what you are used to. Consider the neckline of a dress or top, the length of the piece of clothing, colours you feel comfortable walking in, and play to your own personal style. If you are stuck on what your own personal style is, experiment!


Let us know if any of these tips resonated with you in the comments below! What tip would you offer others for embracing or finding their own style?

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