Who We Are: Kaftan 9 Edition

Who We Are: Kaftan 9 Edition

"I purchased a beautiful Unicorn crystal recently from Kaftan 9. The quality was amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for personal service and unique crystals of high quality to purchase from you"~ Kelly M.


Who We Are
Kaftan 9 is a family run local business in Sydney, Australia, which offers a unique mix of plus size fashion and spirituality.

Our Mission
At Kaftan 9, our mission is to provide a platform to help individuals embrace their own divine style and spirituality.

Our Values
As a small Aussie business, we value individuality, empowerment, diversity, self-care, self-love, self-expression, as well as embracing your own style.

What Do We Sell?
We sell a diverse variety of spiritual, mystical, holistic, and decorative products, jewellery, and fashion. Our collections include, but are not limited to, plus sizes Kaftans, crystals, gemstone jewellery, handmade crystal healing wands and crowns, women’s clothing, tarot/oracle cards, and other spiritual/divination items.

Kaftan 9 brings together our peaceful beliefs in spirituality and diversity in products and sizes. In line with our crystals and other spiritual products, we value self‐love, empowerment, self‐expression and harmony as diverse plus‐size women. We seek to provide both diverse and fashionable choices to suit all body types for women. Our plus‐size clothing ranges from sizes AU 14-26 and offers primarily embellished, non‐embellished, spiritual, gypsy, paisley, and bohemian patterned and styled clothing as well as different brand‐named clothing.

What makes us different?
By combining the world of spirituality and fashion, we provide a one-stop shop for people to balance their mind, body, and soul as well as embrace their own divine, vibrant, and unique style.

Why are we called Kaftan 9?
Our name connects both our business and personal history as well as the products we offer. Originally starting as a small business selling embellished and non‐embellished Kaftans, we have always had a special love for plus‐size Kaftans. As plus‐size women, Kaftans became the foundation for our start as Kaftan 9.

Linking back to the spiritual side of the business, I am not only a mum of 9 but the number 9 is a highly spiritual number that is connected to the meaning and purpose of our lives representing the principles of universal love including self‐love and by association, empowerment and self‐expression. Values, Kaftan 9 holds dearly.

Through our handmade and non‐handmade plus‐size fashion and spiritual products, this business has taken a new path and meaning supporting and catering to diverse plus‐size women as well as the global spiritual community.

"I absolutely love shopping here. It is perfect for buying my Kaftans and buying affordable crystals for my collection at the same time" ~Kathy S.


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