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Handmade Sword/Dagger Athame Wicca (DG15)

Handmade Sword/Dagger Athame Wicca (DG15)

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Inspired by and created based on the visions in my own dreams, these divinely handcrafted and handmade resin creations derive from a place of spirituality and intuition. 

Unleash the allure of your own unique decor/prop and enchanting fantasy accessory with our sword collection. A unique gift idea to surprise those who practice spiritual rituals or fans of medieval, fantasy, gothic, or steampunk aesthetics. Captivating handmade gift for conventions, birthdays, or for someone special.

Materials: Resin, Crystals, Gemstones, and Clay

Purposes: Offers the very best in unique and handmade for all your spiritual rituals, viking, steampunk, and medieval props, costume and bookish props, as well as for decor purposes.  

Measurements (approx) of sword: 24 cm

Crystals: Amethyst

Note: Due to the nature of resin there might be very slight imperfections.

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