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Larimar & Rose Quartz Love Goddess Pendant Necklace (E1402)

Larimar & Rose Quartz Love Goddess Pendant Necklace (E1402)

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Embrace this beautiful pendant & allow the gemstones/crystals to heal your soul.

Welcome style and spirituality with this lovely, charming, and pretty Larimar gemstone pendant making the perfect jewellery addition to your outfit for all occasions.

Materials: Larimar and 925 Sterling Silver Plated

Stone Size: 1.6 cm X 2.1 cm 


LARIMAR: Spiritual Purposes, Meanings, and Properties

Larimar stone is an active throat chakra crystal, that has a vibration that assists clear communication.

This is a highly spiritual stone that also works effectively within all the chakras from the heart chakra through to the crown chakra, including the higher heart, which aids compassion.

Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual way. In essence, it stimulates the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It represents peace and clarity, radiating healing, and love energy.

Spiritually, Larimar brings a calm and nurturing energy to one’s energy fields which can help to relieve stress, bring balance, as well as aid in acceptance and release of deep emotional beliefs.


Associated Chakras

  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Third Eye
  • Crown

    Spiritual Connection
    • Emotional Honesty & Healing
    • Goddess - Feminine Energy
    • Nurturing of Self
    • Setting Up Boundaries
    • Aids In Contacting Higher Dimensions
    • Aids & Clarity To Communication
    • Serenity & Peace
    • Love

    Rose Quartz is connected to the heart chakra, it opens and stimulates this chakra and acts on one’s emotional body aiding with emotional healing by releasing fears and anxiety or the effects of emotional trauma. It will clear the emotional body of negative feelings and replace them with a strong loving energy allowing one to be open to receive and give love on all levels.

    The energy of Rose Quartz has a stabilizing effect and helps with issues of the heart, both energetically and relating to one’s physical heart.

    The pure energy of this beautiful form of Quartz connects to one’s heart centre and brings forth the energy of Christ consciousness, one of unconditional Divine love and compassion, integrating this energy into all levels of one’s being.

    Rose Quartz emanates a soft, gentle feminine energy. Love is the word and feeling to associate with this beautiful Quartz. Love for oneself, the whole of humanity and Mother Earth.

    Associated Chakras 


    Spiritual Connection 


    Emotional Healing

     Love Unconditional


    Disclaimer: Please note that our spiritual and healing crystals and gemstones are empowered and used effectively only by the user's personal intentions. The responsibility for empowering the energy enhancing capabilities of the crystals and/or gemstones lies solely with the user. Please note that the energy capabilities, spiritual healings, and crystal/gemstone meanings are only to be used as an enhancing spiritual tool and support, not as medical or health solutions, prescriptions, diagnosis, or healthcare information. For all medical and health issues, please see a professional medical practitioner. 

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