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Mokaya Labradorite, Scolecite & Mookaite Gemstone Crystal Healing Wand (#196)

Mokaya Labradorite, Scolecite & Mookaite Gemstone Crystal Healing Wand (#196)

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Our Spiritual Crystal/Gemstone Healing Wands & Deco Sculpture come in all shapes and sizes and are used for healing, mystical, and spiritual purposes. Today, they are not only used for magic rituals and spiritual practices such as meditation, chakra healing and balancing as well as reiki but also used for decorative purposes as part of your crystal collection. 

As part of our Crystal/Gemstone Spiritual Wand Collection, this is an eye-catching, creative, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful spiritual and mystical wand & Deco Sculpture delicately handmade with Labradorite, Scolecite & Mookaite Gemstone out of pure intention, dedication, and love. Her name is Mokaya.

Dimensions: Approx 27 cm tall & 279 gms

This is a hand-held item, it does not stand on its own.


LABRADORITE: Spiritual Purposes, Meanings, and Properties

As stones of magic, Labradorite crystals is said to awaken one's mystical and magical powers as well as their psychic and intuitive abilities.

Labradorite is also the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within.

As a powerful healing crystal, it is known to stimulate and increase coincidences and synchronicity. For the journey of self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of their inner spirit as well as being helpful through change.

Spiritually, Labradorite is known to calm an overactive mind, remove fears and insecurities, enhance trust and reliance in the universe, as well as removes the emotional drain of the pressure of everyday responsibilities and/or activities. 


Associated Chakras                                           

  • Base Root
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Crown
  • Third Eye                                                                                              


Spiritual Connection                                           

  • Enhances Psychic Ability                                                    
  • Psychic Protection


Spiritual Benefits                                       

  • Protects & Strengthens The Aura
  • Deflects Unwanted Energies                                               
  • Powerful Companion During Change
  • Self-Confidence
  • Increases Determination & Motivation
  • Promotes Mental Sharpness
  • Calming
  • Self-Discovery
  • Awakens A Sense Of Adventure
  • Energises Imagination & New Ideas
  • Increased Energy Flow To All Chakras


SCOLECITE: Spiritual Meanings and Purposes

Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals and is a strong stone to aid communication, especially with spirit. It is a stone that awakens the heart as it has a strong resonance within the chakras from the heart up. This facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation.

Spiritually, Scolecite is also the stone of awakening and enlightenment. It opens your eyes to the areas you have been ignoring or neglecting in your life. Scolecite gemstone is ideal for regaining confidence and passion as it brings winning ideas and opportunities into your life.

Using Scolecite also invites lucid dreaming sessions. You will be able to decode your subconscious mind easily. It is helpful for beginners of Meditation as Scolecite is a gentle energy crystal as it will help with calmness, composure, and restful sleep.

Once you have used it, you will appreciate the wonderful gifts that it brings into your life. This lovely crystal helps you to bring the things that you desire into your life, as it helps you to take control of your life. 


Associated Chakras

  • Third Eye
  • Crown
  • Soul Star


Spiritual Benefits

  • Relaxation
  • Promotes Peaceful Sleep 
  • Aids Communication
  • Calmness
  • Brings Together People To Work In Harmony
  • Serenity
  • Awareness
  • Inner Transformation


Spiritual Connection

  • Inner Peace
  • Enhances Intuitive and Psychic Abilities 


        MOOKAITE: Spiritual Purposes, Meanings, and Properties

        Mookaite Jasper is found in Australia and the colour range includes shades of yellow from creamy yellow to mustard yellow as well as shades of purple from reddy/brown/purple, maroon, and plum/purple. 

        The frequency of Mookaite Jasper connects to the root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras. It can help one to feel and connect to the energies of Mother Earth and to those other creatures such as animals who dwell here.

        Spiritually, it also aids one to know which path one needs to take in their life by using use one’s will and personal power in their own highest good. Additionally, it helps one to raise one’s consciousness to connect to the higher dimensions. Through both of these, it helps one to learn lessons from the past and to release negative belief patterns brought down through past generations and one’s ancestors.

        As a powerful stone, Mookaite Jasper is known to promote confidence and new experiences, stimulate initiative, process and understand thoughts and emotions, encourage one to take chances, as well as to accept change.


        Associated Chakras

        • Base Root
        • Solar Plexus
        • Third Eye


          Spiritual Benefits

          • Personal Power
          • Release of Unwanted Belief Patterns 
          • Promotes Confidence & New Experiences
          • Stimulates Initiative 
          • Understanding
          • Acceptance Of Change
          • Decision Making
          • Increases Self-Worth & Potential
          • Overcomes Procrastination 


            Please Note: Colours may be a little different due to monitor settings and lighting, please remember this when making the purchase. Please read the whole listing. Please note that there may be imperfections as this wand is handmade by Kaftan 9 and not mass-produced. Please see the photos as you will receive the same item as pictured. For resellers, we are happy for you to purchase our handmade items and resell them, however, please give credit to Kaftan 9 as all our handmade items take 8-14 days to produce. By you committing to "buy now" you are confirming that you have read the whole listing and you understand your purchase. 

            Disclaimer: Please note that our spiritual and healing crystals and gemstones are empowered and used effectively only by the user's personal intentions. The responsibility for empowering the energy-enhancing capabilities of the crystals and/or gemstones lies solely with the user. Please note that the energy capabilities, spiritual healings, and crystal/gemstone meanings are only to be used as an enhancing spiritual tool and support, not as medical or health solutions, prescriptions, diagnosis, or healthcare information. For all medical and health issues, please see a professional medical practitioner. 

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